Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012


Peter Nottle



Peter Nottle, tenor extraordinaire, died suddenly last November.  Peter was a founder member and stalwart of Shrewsbury Cantata Choir and was known and much liked by all of us.


Peter was born in Whitstable in Kent, the son of a chief engineer on ships and a nurse but he spent his early years in Hong Kong before King's School Canterbury where he was a chorister at the Cathedral. For many years he worked for Barclay's Bank, spending some time in their branch on Vanuatu Island in the South Seas where Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last years. Peter moved to Shropshire in 1986, by which time, or shortly after, he had had enough of banking. At first he worked part time at the homeless men's shelter in Shrewsbury before starting his second career, that of singing milkman – and it's hard to believe that any other milkman before or since has had such fine and powerful tenor voice. In the last few years, as demand for milk deliveries declined, he returned to banking. He was married to his wife Joan for forty years and had three children.


Pete was a fine singer with a clear, accurate voice.  He could be guaranteed to soar up to those high notes that most of us struggle with, and he was one of the few tenors willing to step forward to sing the minor solo roles in works such as the Bach Passions.  He had a great deal of experience of singing in choirs. In addition to his time as a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral and to Cantata, he was a keen member of Shrewsbury Police Male-Voice Choir.


All who met him quickly realised that Peter was a very nice man indeed: kind, considerate and caring towards his colleagues, and welcoming to newcomers to the Cantata Choir. Cantata rehearsals and concerts will not be the same without him and he will be especially missed by his fellow tenors.

Peter Nottle