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Spring Concert 2020                       Saturday 21 March                      7.30pm

St Chads Church,1 St Chad's Terrace, Shrewsbury SY1 1JX.



under the direction of Anthony Coupe

"... a choral masterpiece whose genesis is surrounded in mystery."


MOZART MASS in C Major - "Coronation Mass"

under the direction of Anthony Coupe

Composed for an Easter Day concert in Salzburg, 4th Aprl 1779. 18th century perfomances included the coronation of Francis II as Holy Roman Emperor in 1792. The music is celebratory in nature and the mass began to be referred to as the Coronation Mass in the early 19th Century.


Tickets are £14 (students, unwaged and under-18s free) and available on the door, or in advance from choir members, or by post by sending a cheque (payable to Shrewsbury Cantata Choir) and a Stamped Addressed Envelope to:

The Treasurer

Shrewsbury Cantata Choir

4 Belle Vue Road






Mozart Requiem: From Bob Fowke, Cantata bass.

The Requiem is one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, Strange that it started out as attempted fraud – but perhaps that's one of the reasons for its impact; you have to double-think when you listen to it. Is God speaking or is it the servant of a fraudster?


According to Mozart's wife, Constanza, in 1791 a mysterious messenger arrived at the Mozarts' home in Vienna to commission a requiem mass for the deceased wife of Count Franz von Walsegg. It was for the anniversary of his wife's death - she was only twenty when she died, so a sad occasion. The reason for the mystery was that the Count intended to pass the work off as his own, something he was in the habit of doing.


But Count von Walsegg's cunning plan went badly wrong because Mozart died before finishing the score and Constanza asked a friend called Süssmayr to finish it – and then she put on a fund-raising concert. Walsegg paid up but no way could he claim to be the composer after that. Also, it was a masterpiece and no one would have believed him anyway. The really strange thing is how Süssmayr rose to the challenge; it was his own greatest work as well as one of Mozart's. He must have loved him. It's a requiem written by Mozart (and Süssmayr) but it's also Mozart's Requiem, as if it was written for his own death, some parts of it by a friend.


The concert starts with a performance of Mozart's 'Coronation' Mass, so called because its second performance was at the coronation of Emperor Franz II in 1792, shortly after Mozart died. It was written years earlier, in 1779 before Mozart had moved to Vienna, when he was just twenty-three, so the two masses span most of his adult life. A fitting tribute.

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