Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012



Cantata Choir Mission Statement


We are a medium-sized amateur choir led and inspired by our talented and committed musical director. We achieve a high standard of singing, combining highly-focused performances with a sense of fun and enjoyment. We are inclusive and community-based.


Our performances are well-rehearsed; the singing is bright and sharp, showcasing a broad range of fine classical choral works, madrigals, part songs and commissioned pieces. The Musical Director, assisted by committee members as required, selects a repertoire that appeals to both local audiences and choir members. All those involved in its management are wholeheartedly committed to the choir, striving to maintain its freshness, eager to bring it to a larger audience but taking care to strike a balance between the aspirations of choir members and financial limitations. We encourage talented emerging soloists and increase the appeal of our concerts through the involvement of small groups of accomplished local musicians.


At the heart of The Shrewsbury Cantata Choir are its members: supportive of each other and welcoming to new members, we enjoy each other’s company and ensure ample opportunities for socialising outside of practices and performances. The concerts are well-publicised and moderately-priced, with easily obtainable tickets. The choir performs in a range of local venues and takes part in seasonal and other special events.