Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012


How the Choir is managed

Musical direction of the choir is provided by our Musical Director, Anthony Coupe. The choir may employ a guest conductor in the event that Anthony is unavailable. The choir accompanist is Catrina Lapage. The choir is administered by a Committee consisting of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, representatives from each voice section, and other officers (publicity team, librarians). The choir has a formal Constitution which is available on request.

All committee members, and especially the voice section representatives, are always keen to hear constructive comments and suggestions from members. Please bear in mind that the committee is entirely voluntary and offer your support and assistance whenever possible, as there is a great deal of work involved in keeping the show on the road!



Member' Obligations

As a member of the Choir you will be expected to:

•Attend at least two thirds of rehearsals to sing in any concert

•Ensure that you are able to perform a work to the best of your ability in Concert; this includes preparing and studying the works at home

•Notify our Musical Director and your section rep as early as possible if you are unable to perform in a Concert

•Notify your section rep if you can’t attend a rehearsal

•Support the Choir in other ways by:

- selling concert tickets and publicising our concerts and events

- supporting social and fund-raising events by your presence

- helping to prepare and clear concert venues

- occasionally taking responsibility for other small jobs

- as a Charitable Trust the choir is required to appoint Trustees and nominate a committee. Should you wish to volunteer for a role we would be delighted to hear from you. Please discuss informally and confidentially with the Chairman in the first instance.

•Please bring a soft pencil to rehearsals to mark your score with performance notes and any other details provided in announcements.  If you bring two then you’ll have a spare to lend to your neighbour who may have forgotten!

•It is extremely important that you take care not to lose or damage the music provided on loan and to return all borrowed music to the music Librarian promptly when requested. Late returns will incur fines for the choir.




Rehearsals are held each Wednesday, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, during school term time, usually including the half term holiday. They are held in St Nicholas Hall, United Reformed Church, English Bridge, Shrewsbury. The Secretary ensures that actual dates and venues are publicised, usually by email, to the whole choir. Dates and locations are also posted on the choir website 'For members' page'.

We aspire to improve the quality of each concert performance by ensuring that we are well rehearsed for concerts; to a large extent this is an individual responsibility.  

If required, voice section reps may arrange separate informal rehearsals before a concert.

Some members adjourn after the rehearsal to a local pub, the Cross Foxes, 27 Longden Coleham, SY3 7DE, where all are most welcome.



Your Details

Please see our                             (click to download and view this PDF).  Some personal details of members are kept so that the Choir may contact you on choir matters. Please ensure that the Secretary has your details, and advise of any updates.


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