Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012





Shrewsbury Cantata Choir intend to schedule a concert for December 2020 which will include  Charpentier's 'Messe de Minuit'. In practice a full concert is unlikely to be possible but we still hope to make a recording.

Members are working away at home and also we have been rehearsing in small groups in members' gardens. So if you walk down a residential street and hear choral singing it might well be us!









12 Jul 20 Oakley Street 1 12 Jul 20 Oakley Street 3

Walking in the countryside, and catching strains of Charpentier mixed with the birdsong? That would be Cantata making use of the beautiful huge garden areas owned by a couple of our rural members. Thank you Fran and Dick.










BGR Fran 29 Aug 20_2 BGR Dick 06 Sept 20_3 (2)