Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012




Concert Dress

Dress for concerts is normally as follows:


For Ladies: Black long or 3/4 sleeved top, long black skirt/trousers, black shoes and an artificial pink or red rose, or similar, to be worn on the right-hand side.


For Men: For formal concerts: white shirt and black bow tie, dinner jacket, black trousers or for more informal concerts open-neck black shirt, black trousers, black shoes.


The choir sometimes uses maroon folders (£5.50 from the Treasurer.)


Advice on dress will be provided in advance of each concert.


Singer decorum at concerts

1. Preparation for going on stage. Use the pre-concert rehearsal to establish the order for filing onto the stage, i.e. leave the stage after the afternoon rehearsal in the reverse order to coming onto the stage. Filing off in this way after this rehearsal into the side areas or side room will establish the order for the entry before the concert.


2. Once the choir is on stage everyone remains standing until the last singer is in position; we then sit down quietly and at the same time. The last singer to arrive on stage will provide an audio cue for the choir to sit.


3. Conductor enters – stand. Sit when conductor indicates. When the conductor is happy with the orchestra/band/soloists, he will signal to the choir to stand again for the performance to start.


4. ‘Sits and stands’ will be confirmed during the rehearsal, often just before the actual concert.


5. The choir should stand quietly at the end of the concert until directed by the Conductor to sit. Normally the Conductor directs the audience to applaud the soloists and then the orchestra; after that he directs the choir to stand for their applause. The choir should continue to remain quiet and refrain from chatting amongst themselves or cheering the soloists (leaving that to the discretion of the audience). If the choir is sitting again and the soloists return for further applause then it is fine for the choir to join in the clapping from a sitting position.


6. The choir should deport themselves in a professional manner at all times and should not talk to each other during the performance.