Cantata Choir Logo Orange Letter, Oct 2012


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Typical carol singing events


The picture on the left was taken during our singing at Battlefield 1403. Battlefield 1403 are a choir sponsor.


That on the right was taken during our two hour session singing at Percy Thrower's Garden Centre. £160.30 was collected in aid of Shrewsbury Food Bank.


Shrewsbury Severn Hospice is a regular engagement, where we aspire to bring some traditional Christmas comfort to very ill patients and their dedicated staff.


Sponsorship is a valuable source of support for the choir, and in return we can include your logo here on our website and in concert programmes, perform a carol concert for you or come to some other reciprocal arrangement. Or you might just like to sponsor us! Please contact us if you would like to discuss mutually beneficial sponsorship.

The successful existence of the choir much depends on the support of the local community attending our concerts. In return we aspire to give back to the community.

Shrewsbury Food Bank

Cantata choir members support the Shrewsbury Food Bank by donating items each week. This photo illustrates a typical collection at one of our rehearsals.

The Shrewsbury Food Bank is run by a group of volunteers who,

every week, organise and distribute parcels of donated food to people experiencing real hardship in our town.

There are two food-bank centres in Shrewsbury, one at Barnabas Church Centre and one at Hope Church.

Foodbank photo

Carol Singing

The choir very much enjoys carol singing engagements. Illustrated are typical examples. Please contact us if you would like us to sing and we will help if we can.