Cycling glasses: what is the importance and how to choose yours!

Pedalers know that any distraction or discomfort can cause an accident or the loss of seconds in a competition. Therefore, protecting our eyes is essential for the comfort and safety of any cyclist, regardless of the modality they practice. Kindly visit this link for useful reference: best cycling sunglasses

These are some reasons that justify the use of goggles for cycling on all rides. We created this article with the aim of showing the importance of this accessory and helping to choose the most appropriate one. Follow!

What is the importance of cycling glasses?

The speed a bicycle reaches is much higher than walking or running. Therefore, the risk of impact to the eyes with objects in the cyclist's path increases. Collisions with various particles and small insects present on the tracks can cause the rider to fall or lose his vision.

In addition to protection against physical impacts, cycling glasses have the function of promoting visual comfort and better visibility of the track according to the lens color chosen by the athlete.

How to choose the ideal glasses?

To acquire the right equipment, it is necessary to consider some parameters. Here's what to keep in mind before making your purchase:

· time when you will use the bike: important to determine the color of the lenses, that is, whether they should be dark or light;

· cycling mode: if on the road or competitions, aerodynamic models are more efficient. In the case of mountain biking, the ideal is to provide visibility to detect imperfections on the trails;

· with or without correction of degree: in this case, it is essential that you have the prescription of your ophthalmologist and look for an optician instead of a sports store.

What are the models of cycling glasses?

Currently, a wide variety of cycling glasses is available on the market. These accessories are basically composed of two items: the frames and the lenses.

The frame, in addition to aesthetics, is responsible for the comfort on the cyclist's face. They are made of nylon, plastic and even carbon fiber. The latter is for those who want to carry a light product and do not worry about paying an extra amount.

Depending on the shape of the face, the cyclist can choose models with or without nosebleed. Another interesting option are those frames that make it possible to change the lenses. That way, depending on the lighting, you can choose a lighter or darker one without the need for multiple glasses.

The lenses protect your eyes against possible impacts with objects on the trail, on the street or on the road, such as tree branches, insects, stones and dust particles. Its different colors provide a type of protection. Find out what they are:

· dark: suitable for sunny days, with intense light, protect against UV rays;

· clear: recommended for cloudy days or low light hours - some cyclists like to use them for night trips;

· photochromatic: these lenses are versatile, as they vary according to the brightness of the environment. Therefore, they can be used during the day or night and on sunny or cloudy days;

· yellow or orange: recommended for night cycling, widen the field of view and increase the contrast of objects and piston .

In this post, you could see that cycling glasses are essential accessories for the practice of this sport, regardless of the chosen modality. Know that a well-equipped cyclist , in addition to taking care of your safety, attracts the attention of pedestrians and drivers on your way.

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